Other media

Infographics, books, reprints, etc

Other media - Infographics, books, reprints, etc

Stay up-to-date on your specialism

For healthcare professionals, it is crucial to keep up with all developments in their field of expertise. Important results from scientific research, which cannot be missed, are continuously published. You can keep up through different channels.

What can Medix do for you?

Medix Publishers offers all sorts of medical content. Here, you can publish a medical (study)book, order reprints of scientific studies or place a QR code referring to digital medical instructions. But you can also contact us for other requests.

Examples of previous publications

Study book for urologists and sexologists  

For the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM), Medix published the ESSM Syllabus of Sexual Medicine. One of the authors was Cobi Reisman of the Amstelland hospital. The ESSM Syllabus of Sexual Medicine is a study book about sexual medicine for urologists and sexologists.

Reprints of scientific studies

Numerous healthcare professionals have ordered reprints of scientific studies on all kinds of medical subjects. Medix Publishers works closely with over 40 scientific publishers worldwide. Because of this, we can offer this reprinting service at agreeable costs.

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