Other media and services

Infographics, reprints, books etc.

Other media and services - Infographics, reprints, books etc.

Other tools by Medix Publishers

Below you will find the other tools we use to support medical marketeers in reaching their communication goals.


With Farmascanner, you are able to monitor the online developments of your products within the therapeutic area of your choice. Medix Publishers’ medical editors will analyse blogs, social media, forums and other online sources for you, for example to establish the patient’s attitude towards your products. The results of the analysis will be presented in an elaborate report to benefit your marketing strategy. 


With the aid of prominent authors, scientists and other publishers, we can compose a compound book for you.

Reprints of scientific studies

Medix Publishers works closely with over 40 scientific publishers all over the world, so we can compose a reprint for you at a competitive price. As an extra service, we also offer the possibility to create extra attention by organizing a review by or interviewing a Key Opinion Leader. We will bundle this in a publication with which your sales force can persuade your important prescribers about the concerned subject.

Digital instruction leaflet

With the digital instruction leaflet, we can refer the patient to clear and concise information about medications by using a QR code. The information can be supported by text and video.

Online project management

Medix Publishers can take over your entire online project management, which is very helpful if you do not have the know-how or the time to do it yourself. Our project manager communicates clearly and easily overcomes problems during a project. The planning of the project will occur through set milestones.

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