News-app for maximum exposure

MedZine - News-app for maximum exposure

Communicate specifically with your target audience

News apps are the future, in the medical world as well. Specialists have very little time to stay up to date in their medical fields. And that is why MedZine was created.

What can MedZine do for you?

In the much-read app MedZine, you will be certain of the specialist’s undivided attention. Medix Publishers will help you reach the right medical specialist by arranging the right communications solutions. All of your own digital advertising like apps, videos, eLearning trough push messages, reviews, interviews or studies and much more can be placed in MedZine. Of course, it is also possible to brand your product or device through advertisements in several different sizes.

Since its launch on July 1st, 2012, MedZine has been downloaded over 17,000 times! In this app, all of the important medical online sources are collected and distributed among the relevant medical specialties. This news generator tool can be downloaded for free by any medical specialist on both the Apple and Android platforms.

Upon installation, the medical specialist will mark what kind of news and what kind of specialties he or she is interested in. MedZine is a powerful platform for the industry to communicate their message.

International, medical, reliable sources

Over 53 specialisms are available for the healthcare professional. By applying innovative technology, the app composes a medical magazine within seconds, using over 4,700 (inter)national sources among which are (inter)national journals, societies and other reliable online sources. The news can easily be shared via e-mail and social media.

A board of editors guards the quality

During the development of MedZine, the safeguarding of the high quality of the sources was already considered. That is why a board of editors, consisting of over twenty HCPs with different specialisms, was assembled. The board has approved many of the sources. Furthermore, they are enthusiastic MedZine users.

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