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With a medical magazine, professional publication or scientific journal, you can keep up with the news in your specialism. Besides essential scientific developments, you can also read background stories or interesting case-histories. Medical magazines provide convenient references and great information for the healthcare professional.

What can Medix do for you

We collaborate with you in composing (scientific) magazines within a chosen specialism. We can add interviews with prominent medical specialists to existing journals, but we can also develop an entirely new magazine or put together a magazine about a certain illness. The magazine can consist of interviews, reports, case-histories, abstracts, news, etc.

Examples of medical magazines

Hart in de Praktijk

Hart in de Praktijk is a medical journal about diabetes and cardiovascular diseases for general practitioners and practice support staff. The journal is filled with interviews with renowned internists and general practitioners, the latest developments in the guidelines designed by the Dutch College of General Practitioners, scientific research tapered to everyday practices and interesting background articles. The goal of Hart in de Praktijk is to inform the general practitioner and the practice support staff about the latest developments in the specialisms diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The magazine appears twice a year.

MPA, scientific journal for Physician Assistants

MPA is a scientific journal for Physician Assistants (PA’s) published by Medix Publishers and ordered by the Dutch association of Physician Assistants (NAPA). A PA can practice medicine independently but always in cooperation with a medical specialist. PAs are independently qualified to perform certain tasks like prescribing UR medicines and take over less complicated medical tasks from a medical specialist. The journal is published quarterly and distributed among the 700 members of NAPA. MPA has a medical, scientific and political character - making it an excellent fit for this relatively young medical profession.

Multiple Sclerosis Journal

This journal contains scientific articles for neurologists. This sponsored journal, published by Medix Publishers, contains the most recent scientific publications and special inserts. For the Dutch edition Medix Publishers’ editors monthly adds an overview of historical reprints. For the Belgian edition neurologists are interviewed about certain ‘patient projects’ concerning MS.

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