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Medical magazines - Customised magazines

Improve your relationship with your target audience

Medical-scientific magazines are popular and essential to expand the knowledge of highly educated and specialised professionals. There is great interest in these magazines because they always have professionally relevant subjects.

What can Medix Publishers do for you?

Together, we compile (scientific) magazines to heighten the corporate profile and to improve the relationship with the target audience. Both the editing and the messsage to communicate can be completely tailored to your wishes. By using an inviting and accessible style of writing, we create recognition and acknowledgement. 

All texts are written from the viewpoint of the target audience and have a personal touch. We do interviews, reports, case histories, need to know / nice to know news articles and everything to improve your relationship with those hard-to-reach patients and doctors.

Examples of medical magazines

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Hart in de Praktijk, a magazine for the general practitioner and practice support staff

This is a medical journal about diabetes and cardiovascular diseases for general practitioners and practice support staff. The journal is filled with interviews with renowned internists and general practitioners, the latest developments in the guidelines designed by the Dutch College of General Practitioners, scientific research tapered to everyday practice and interesting background articles.

Multiple Sclerosis Journal

This journal contains scientific articles for neurologists. Adverts as well as historical reprints and interviews are added to this sponsored journal which is published by Medix Publishers. The MS Journal appears every month and is circulated among 100 Dutch and 80 Belgian neurologists.

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