Medical Content Manager

Keep your website up to date

Medical Content Manager - Keep your website up to date

Relevant medical content

Websites and newsletters are important tools to communicate with your colleagues or patients. To generate repeat-visits, it is crucial to offer unique and relevant content.

What can Medix do for you?

Medix Publishers helps to maintain website with the Medical Content Manager. Medix has smart and exclusive medical databases with all the relevant online news sources. We deliver this content completely exclusive, edited, copyright-free and ready to use. We plan, collect, create, control, publish, maintain and evaluate the content. In other words - we take care of the complete content management process.


Medix Publishers manages the medical content of several medical websites. Examples are, a website for cardiologists, BI Beyond, a platform for oncologists, Somacare, a website about acromegaly and neuroendocrine tumors, The Specialistenportal, a website for gastroenterologists, Esurge, a website for surgeons and Myfreestyle, a portal about diabetes for healthcare professionals and patients.

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