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Medical apps - For healthcare professionals

Medical apps for professionals

These days, medical apps are available for both healthcare professionals and patients. Doctors can communicate with their patients using apps and patients can measure certain physical functions with them. 

What can Medix do for you?

Medix develops apps on order for hospitals or other healthcare institutions, professional associations and the healthcare industry. These apps can focus on healthcare professionals, on patients and healthcare professionals, or solely on patients. Medix Publishers will design the app and put together the content in complete collaboration with you.

Examples of our apps

The Trivia cardiovascular edition is the digital version of the boardgame Trivial Pursuit for medical professionals. The app stimulates the exchange of knowledge and the discussion among healthcare professionals in a fun way. The game can be played alone or with multiple players. The apps MedZine and YourThesis are also published by Medix. MedZine is a realtime medical magazine for healthcare professionals and the YourThesis app gives PhD students the opportunity to publish their dissertation digitally.

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