Medical apps

Communicate always and everywhere

Medical apps - Communicate always and everywhere

Development and content of medical apps

These days, medical apps are an integrated part of the media offerings for both prescribers and patients. Apps make the life of prescribers easier. It is important to be relevant and to offer the right functions.

What can Medix Publishers do for you?

We would like to help you develop medical apps as a part of your marketing strategy. In addition to developing the app, Medix Publishers will also create all of the medical content. We enable you to reach your communications goals with the app and come into contact with your target audience.

Examples of medical apps

Medix Publishers is the publisher of the medical news app MedZine and the thesis app YourThesis. Medix also collaborated on the realization of the app ‘Trivia, Cardiovascular edition’. This app stimulates the exchange of knowledge and discussion between healthcare professionals.

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