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Expert reviews - Readers for HCPs

Refresh medical knowledge

With an expert review by a renowned medical specialist, the knowledge of colleagues can be brought up to date. The goal of the expert review is to inform healthcare professionals about the latest developments in their field.

What can Medix do for you?

In an expert review, the medical specialist discusses a couple of important scientific studies. These studies, combined with the expert review, can be published as a reader. These readers are ideal to circulate amongst healthcare professionals. Medix Publishers will arrange the consent for the publication of the scientific studies and keeps in contact with the author of the expert review. Medix will also coordinate the entire publishing process.


Medix Publishers has published a series of readers about contraceptives. These are readers about IMPLANON and NuvaRing, and two readers about the effects of oral contraceptives. These readers are meant for both general practitioners and gynecologists. Medix has also published a series of readers about DPP4-inhibitors. These readers are meant for general practitioners and give an overview about the most recent scientific studies about these medicines. Finally we recently published expert reviews on pregnancy and multiple sclerosis, compliance in patients with multiple sclerosis and on pain in cancer patients. 

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