Expert review readers

Customised unique publication

Expert review readers - Customised unique publication

Substantially reach out to your target audience

An expert review is an excellent way to reach out to your target audience. The publication will be written by a Key Opinion Leader in any particular field, who will use important research projects as references.

What can Medix Publishers do for you?

Medix Publishers offers you a unique publication and will take care of the entire process of designing, editing, advising, copyrights etc. An entirely independent selection of scientific studies from all scientific publishing houses. 

With an expert review composed by Medix Publishers, you can make the prescriber an ambassador for your product. You will create prescriber recognition and acknowledgement, position yourself as a substantial source of information and create a reason for your sales staff to visit. Furthermore, you can enlarge the scientific knowledge regarding your product. Because of its independence, the result is a communications tool with a high impact.

Several expert reviews

Medix Publishers has published several series of expert reviews. For instance, a series about contraceptives, several publications about cardiovascular diseases and DPP4-inhibitors, pregnancy and multiple sclerosis, compliance in patients with multiple sclerosis and about pain in cancer patients. Would you like to receive more information about these expert reviews? Please contact us.

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