What are cookies?

Medix uses cookies on its websites. A cookie is a small file that is sent along with a page of a website and stored by your browser (temporarily) on the hard disk of your computer or mobile device.

Use of cookies

Cookies can have different functions. This way cookies can help to remember that you have just logged in and set certain preferences. This is also the reason why Medix uses cookies. In addition, we use cookies to keep statistics and to get reports on how visitors use the website. A cookie is placed for this purpose by the Google Analytics web service. These cookies are not personalized.

By means of cookies we can also see which products you are viewing. This allows us to display relevant advertisements on partner websites. External suppliers, including Google, display our ads on websites based on the products you may find interesting. This allows us to offer targeted advertising. The information is used in the analyzes and data combinations of Google.


Medix does not use cookies in any way to pass on personal information to third parties.

Log out cookies

Functional cookies are used for proper functioning of the website. By disabling these cookies the website no longer works optimally.

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