Busy (e)Health week for Medix

Busy (e)Health week for Medix, by

eHealth Week 2016 in Amsterdam was an exciting time for everyone: from the current Dutch Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport Edith Schippers to medical start-ups, medical writers and investors. Medix Publishers was also involved in many activities during this week. In this blog we’ll tell you about the initiatives we took part in during the past week.

Visual content is the future

Visual content is the future, by

Videos, photos, infographics, drawings and animations pose a challenge to the modern marketer, but most of all offer many opportunities. Visual content creates more engagement and the return of investment (ROI) can easily be measured. Those are the conclusions of research by the international communications agency LEWIS.

DrawMD in Europe exclusively offered by Medix

DrawMD in Europe exclusively offered by Medix, by

DrawMD is the number one app aimed at giving patient information, and is designed for and by health care professionals. In the United States, DrawMD is in the top ten of apps most used by medical doctors. Medix Publishers has the exclusive licence to distribute DrawMD in Europe and offers you a unique opportunity to interact with your target audiences.

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