YourThesis also available for Android

YourThesis also available for Android, by

As of today, the YourThesis-app is also available for Android. This app provides medical doctoral students with the opportunity to publish their dissertation digitally. The app also collects all digitally published dissertations and presents them orderly. Early 2013, Medix Publishers already launched YourThesis for iOS users and now all medical doctoral students can download the app. YourThesis can be downloaded for free at the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

With YourThesis, medical doctoral students are able to publish their dissertation digitally without the high costs of printing and binding. This saves a lot of money and the dissertation is still read by a lot of people. To add an extra dimension, it is also possible to add interactive elements to the digital dissertation like diagrams, charts and other graphics. The announcement of the dissertation can easily be shared on Facebook or Twitter.

Digital library

There are three different ways to use YourThesis. It is possible to publish just a digital version of the dissertation or it is possible to print it the old fashioned. Furthermore, it is possible to combine those options and publish the dissertation both digitally and on paper. Of course, YourThesis will take care of the design of the dissertation. The app is designed like a bookcase with shelves which are sorted according to different medical specialisms. A dissertation on orthopedics will be placed on the orthopedics shelf. That way a knowledge bank with Dutch dissertations is created. 


Eventually, Medix wants to mediate between the doctoral student and the pharmaceutical industry. ‘Right now, medical doctoral students contact the pharmaceutical companies in order to get their dissertation sponsored. A part of the costs will be paid by these companies,’ says Koenraads. ‘We want to become a one-stop-shop. We know the pharmaceutical companies and we know the doctoral students, so we can introduce them to each other. And then we make sure everything gets published, whether it is digitally, on paper or both. Furthermore, we offer the doctoral students the opportunity to promote their dissertation for free in MedZine, a personalized real-time medical magazine for tablet and smartphone.’


At this time, YourThesis is only available to medical doctoral students. In the future, the app and the website should be made available for other doctoral students. For more information, visit 

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