Visual content is the future

Visual content is the future, by

Videos, photos, infographics, drawings and animations pose a challenge to the modern marketer, but most of all offer many opportunities. Visual content creates more engagement and the return of investment (ROI) can easily be measured. Those are the conclusions of research by the international communications agency LEWIS.

Using an online survey, LEWIS asked 422 marketing managers for their professional opinion on visual content. The results were very positive. Almost three-quarters of marketing managers expect to spend more money on visual content in 2016 than last year. Especially video and graphic design are popular. 


The popularity of visual content might be explained by the fact that it enhances engagement, works extremely well on social media and appeals to the emotions of the target group. In addition, the ROI is easily measurable. Eighty per cent of the marketers say that they are satisfied with their ability to determine the ROI of visual content. Surprisingly, to do this they focus on views and likes and less on clicks. 

Targeting your audience

Do you also want to reach your target group using visual content? Medix Publishers has expertise in video, graphic design and infographics. We also offer the opportunity to directly target you audience through MedZine News. Don’t know where and how to start? Our creative team is happy to help! Contact us or call +31 20 820 1166 to discuss the possiblities. 

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