Medix present at DigiPharm 2013

Medix present at DigiPharm 2013, by

DigiPharm is the annual multichannel and engagement congress for pharma that took place on October 9th and 10th 2013 in London and Medix was there!. The congress included more than 20 keynote speakers and 100 attendees. The main topics discussed were the challenges and strategies to enhance online communication and relationships, how to strengthen brand awareness and how to improve profitability in digital marketing.

One of the keynote speakers was Suzanna van Straten, Associate Director Commercial Effectiveness at Genzyme, who gave a very informative presentation on the impact of commercial campaigns in the changing world of the customer: the development of multi-channel global and local integrated programs. Van Straten spoke about the Customer Relation Management (CRM) needs and Genzyme’s objectives. The goal was to implement a successful CRM plan, to improve customer relations. The implementation process had to be quick. “Adapting to a local implementation slows down the process. Countries are not that different from one another as they proclaim to be”, Van Straten. Genzym received the award for fastest implementation in EMEA.

Rene Neubach, former eMarketing Manager at Pfizer (see pic), presented a case study about the implementation of a Multichannel Marketing Project, at DigiPharm. In this case, Neubach explained that you will truly see results when you stick to a long-term campaign. “We spend 80% on building/creating and 20% on promotion and management, when in fact it should be the other way around!” Neubach also made it clear that interactivity in iPad detailing doesn’t equal animation. 

Medix enjoyed the speakers at the congress and looks forward to attend DigiPharm next year as well! 

Some featured tweets from the congress:

"The aim is NOT to go digital but to be relevant and individual. Well said @martynglanville#digipharm.”

“#Digipharm 'push' is getting the bus, go where it takes you. Pull is your chauffeur driven limo - go where you like!”

“iPads are just devices. They will not save you. #digipharm#hcsmeu

#Digipharm 'Content is king but content curation is Queen' says Deni”

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