FTO-Online Special – ‘Severe asthma’

FTO-Online Special – ‘Severe asthma’, by

Last week the video special 'Severe asthma' was published online. In several videos a general practitioner, nurse practitioner and pulmonologist discuss this topic. They address diagnostics and monitoring, as well as available treatment options. Furthermore they discuss three patient cases.

In the Netherlands 370,000 adults suffer from asthma. Despite medication many patients have poor asthma control and still have exacerbations. 17.4% of the patients have asthma that is difficult to treat and 3.6% have severe asthma. This concerns over 64,000 patients in total. Improvement is possible for this group, but this requires good collaboration between general practitioner, nurse practitioner and pulmonologist. This FTO-Online Special is in Dutch and covers the topic in more detail.

The publication on severe asthma is available online.

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