About our Medical Content Manager

Business unit manager at Ipsen

A tailor-made tool geared to Ipsen’s clients

At Ipsen all we care about is the customer. And for that you need partners that provide services in a way that provides added value to our customers. Not ‘a dime a dozen-tools’ but tailor-made tools geared to our customers. Medix Publishers, especially represented by Bastiaan Rolloos, really thinks with you and offers concrete solutions.  And they are able to rapidly involve the right partners when necessary. You never have to chase after something, it’s never coercive and always pleasant.

Among other things, Medix developed some state-of-the-art websites for Ipsen. These websites are interactive and are filled with high-quality medical content which is updated with new content at least twice a week. This way Ipsen is able to inform and communicate with its target audience. Medix, to me, is the epitome of a company that has the ability to create added value for their clients. The team has a pro-active attitude and is dedicated. Because they display a nice balance between dedication to their business and the easy way of going about it, it is always a pleasure to work with them.

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