Medix Publishers strives to support healthcare professionals in their daily practice by developing medical content and by optimising the dissemination of medical information. In this process we collaborate with different stakeholders.


To connect, inform and inspire our stakeholders by providing solutions for medical communication issues. Healthcare professionals, customers and business partners perceive us as a versatile, committed and professional publishing house.

  • Professional

    Medix Publishers strives to publish high-quality content to suit the needs of a healthcare professional.

    Together with the professional, we try to come up with most professional and innovative solution.

  • Involved

    Medix Publishers strives to actively think with the healthcare professional.

    We attempt to achieve this by being involved in the medical sector and sustaining long term relationships with different stakeholders in healthcare.

  • Flexible

    Every healthcare professional needs different information. That is why we try to attain flexibility. Because we know that relevant and correct information about a medical domain is essential for providing healthcare. Medix Publishers wants to specialize in creating medical content to suit your needs.

  • Progressive

    Medix Publishers is unique in its innovative solutions. We look for the most profitable way in using online and offline media.

    Considering your company’s needs we will create a reliable multimedia impact.

  • Involved

    Medix Publishers thinks beyond finishing a project. By being proactive in giving advice we strive to achieve the goals of your company and make your company profitable.

    Our involvement ensures a long-term relationship.

  • Flexible

    Every customer is different. By looking at the communication goals of our clients, Medix Publishers is able to come up with the right medium and the right content.

    We are not afraid think outside the box in order to achieve the best possible result.

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